Renée Catrine hails from Chicago and currently lives in Brooklyn. The band is currently recording the second album (currently untitled) in New York City and Chicago. The new album draws inspiration from Arcade Fire, Radiohead and Cœur de Pirate and the new songs are playful, brooding, fun and stirring. Movement, reflection and perseverance are core themes of the new album that challenges listeners to discover "what is enough?". 


The band is thrilled to be touring the Midwest and East Coast this fall & winter to support the new album. We're having such a fabulous time making this record and we cannot wait to share it with you all!


Arrival, 2016

Having been in various bands throughout the years, Renée was eager to set off on her own to create her own music. She released her debut solo album, Arrival, in August 2016 with the help of Nick Broste (Mucca Pazza) and co-producer Mike Przygoda. 

Renée Catrine's first album has been described as "hauntingly beautiful music with poetic lyrics of a keen observer". Reminiscent of captivating songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Marketa Irglova and Regina Spektor, Renée's debut album features sincere, thoughtful lyrics set to catchy pop/rock music and lush, orchestrated arrangements.