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Drawing inspiration from Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Brooklyn-based artist Renée Catrine is a thoughtful lyricist experimenting with pop rock ballads.  


The enchanting songwriter has spent most of her life surrounded by music, performing in various bands and working with musicians, until she eventually decided it was time to carve a path of her own. Having used those years to develop her craftsmanship, Renée Catrine began writing and recording her debut album, ‘Arrival’ which was released in 2016. Her poetic lyrics and haunting soundscape exude sincerity and authenticity, creating a fanbase. On the back of the album release, she has performed at Brooklyn Wildlife Festival and Bitch Music Series in NYC, Mer’s Music Showcase in Chicago, her hometown, and Mariposa Café in Montréal.


Renée Catrine is now finalizing her upcoming sophomore album, which embraces a new energy of playfulness and fun, while remaining brooding and emotive. The album will explore themes of movement, reflection and perseverance, leaving the listener to contemplate ‘what is enough?’ through warm and soothing vocals, rich orchestrated instrumentation and captivating storytelling.

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